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Our Story at Techcon

Our company, Techcon, was established back in 2011. And, we were more focused on the mechanical engineering part of the work, back in those times. Our goal was to become better and better in mechanical engineering as time went by. Later down the road Techcon turned its focus more towards consulting, and after some time in the industry, we decided to try and focus on turning over bigger projects where we delivered whole machines. Some of our starting clients were companies such as Atlas Copco, Volvo, and Scania.

There are lots of companies that do the work we do, and most of them strive to get bigger and bigger focusing more on quantity, rather than quality. The thing that is different about Techcon and makes us unique is the fact that we care about our clients, and our initial goal is not to get bigger, but rather, to become better and satisfy the needs of our clients. Despite of the fact that our primary line of work is MTB (machine tool builder), later down the road, we would also want to focus more on IT and PLC implementing our mechanic knowledge along the way.

But, that’s a focus with the longer game in mind. In the near future we would like to expand Techcon, and we’re slowly moving towards our goal as our offices in Veles, Macedonia show. And for now we would like to focus more on Cobot/Robots, while continuing to focus on ergonomic solutions to help and simplify the job of many operators across our clients.

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