Ergonomic Platform
Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Platform

Height-Adjustable Ergonomic Platform for Operators

When working on higher projects, lots of operators are struggling to get the work done, because the area that they should be working on might be too high for them. So, our partners asked us to find a solution for this problem and ease the actions operators need to take in order to finish the project.

This Ergonomic Platform is geared toward shorter people, and higher projects because of the fact that it allows the operator to choose the height he needs in order to get the work done. Taking out the initial thought process of the operator of “How am I going to get up there?”

Some of the main key features of this product are that this product is adaptable, and it can be cut to the size and for that our client chooses. An also important feature of this product is the fact that it is safe for work. With the sensors and protection, we include against squeezing. Meaning, that it will stop moving if there’s anyone below the platform.