Torque Arms

SMF Arms

SMF Torque arms are great when it comes to minimalizing the labor. Created out of aluminum they are amazing for straight assembly and pistol assembly. The parallel arm has a space-saving feature because of the fact that it’s able to fold up, it’s amazing for minimizing the weight and torque which is how it improves the operator ergonomics.

Type Name Max Tool Weigh (kg/lbs) Max Torque Max Reach Without Tool Holder Horizontal Stroke Vertical Stroke Ordering Number Downloads
SMF-25-710 2kg/4.4lbs 25nm 710mm 300mm 300mm 4390 2083 00 PDF   STP (zip)
SMF-25-870 2kg/4.4lbs 25nm 870mm 400mm 400mm 4390 2083 30 PDF   STP (zip)