SML Torque Arms

SML Arms

The SML line of torque arms is a great way to get more productive time as well as reduce the stress on your operators’ muscles and arms. The only thing you need to do to get much more productive than before is to mount your tool on an SML Torque arm. Each and every arm that is delivered consists of an integrated balancer, a 3-axis movement as well as the Atlas Copco tool holder interface. Using the 3-axis movement the operator implements less effort into the workstation, therefore they’ll be rested and able to do more work.

Type Name Max Tool Weigh (kg/lbs) Max Torque Min Width Without Tool Holder Max Reach Without Tool Holder Vertical Stroke Height Width Ordering Number Downloads
SML T-5 0.8kg/1.7lbs 5nm 158mm 530mm 205mm 310mm 732mm 4390 2000 00 PDF    STP (zip)
SML T-12 1.5kg/3.3lbs 12nm 198mm 648mm 255mm 465mm 888mm 4390 2001 00 PDF    STP (zip)
SML T-25 2.2kg/4.8lbs 25nm 167mm 732mm 290mm 615mm 1100mm 4390 2002 00 PDF    STP (zip)
SML T-50 5kg/11lbs 50nm 267mm 887mm 355mm 515mm 1116mm 4390 2004 00 PDF    STP (zip)
SML T-100 6kg/13.2lbs 100nm 255mm 914mm 395mm 515mm 1116mm 4390 2005 00 PDF    STP (zip)