SMS Torque Arm

SMS Arms

There’s one thing you need to know when it comes to our swivel arms. That is that they’re built with the most demanding industrial situations in mind. They are robust which allows them to offer our users the best, user-friendly experience. The swivel function on our SMS T series is the main reason why they have such a big work area. The ball bearings on the swivel arms allow them to operate smoothly. Also, we’ve included an adjustable plate to increase or decrease your work area according to your needs.


Type Name Max Tool Weigh (kg/lbs) Max Torque Min Width Without Tool Holder Max Reach Without Tool Holder Vertical Stroke Height Width Ordering Number Downloads
SMS T-5 0.8kg/1.7lbs 5nm 292mm 582mm 270mm 732mm 248mm 4390 2006 00 PDF     STP (zip)
SMS T-12 1.5kg/3.3lbs 12nm 342mm 682mm 425mm 888mm 298mm 4390 2007 00 PDF     STP (zip)
SMS T-25 2.5kg/5.5lbs 25nm 392mm 732mm 580mm 1132mm 296mm 4390 2008 00 PDF     STP (zip)
SMS T-50 5kg/11lbs 50nm 437mm 825mm 520mm 1147mm 336mm 4390 2009 00 PDF     STP (zip)
SMS T100 6kg/13.2lbs 100nm 487mm 930mm 500mm 1147mm 391mm 4390 2010 00 PDF     STP (zip)