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Our history

Techcon Consulting is our new chapter. Techcon started in 2011, centered on design and manufacturing. Insight Engineering began its consultancy 2016. In 2023, we joined forces, forming a new consultancy division at Techcon. This new start lets us adapt to today’s demands, giving us a clear edge in the current market.

A little about who we are and want to be

At TECHON, our vision is a team where innovative solutions are created by passion and purpose, where every entrepreneur enjoys the freedom to dream big, and where every team member thrives in a culture of fun, with the goal to make a sustainable difference.

  • Have Fun and Celebrate
  • Unique and Outside-the-Box Methods
  • Freedom and entrepreneurship
  • Love and Passion
  • Deliver with Purpose
  • Always stay determined and driven
  • Exceed customers expectation
  • Drive change
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Be decisive and instill confidence 
  • Safe Environment for Ownership and Personal Responsibility

When we look for new colleagues, we want to make sure they are aligning with our core values, are multidisciplinary and have a can-do attitude. Your responsibility comes down to Drive change, find solutions and opportunities in a transparent and open way for our customer.

If you are working in-site at our client, it’s important to be open minded and purposeful deliver in a well-documented way. Bring both technical solutions and well-structured work to our client.

Our dream client is someone that comes with an idéa or a problem within embedded or manufacturing and are looking for a turn-key solution. Due to the fact that we have the capability to make rapid prototyping and final product in-house we know that we can efficiently deliver great results.