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Welcome to Techcon, where innovation meets precision. We specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, with a strong emphasis on key areas such as ergonomics, mechatronics, and torquing solutions.

Our comprehensive services encompass everything from troubleshooting your challenges to guiding you through the entire problem-solving process. Whether you require a ‘plug and play’ solution or need assistance in completing your existing projects, Techcon has you covered.

At Techcon, we foster a culture of continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to superior solutions. With technical expertise, we exceed client expectations, enhancing competitiveness and efficiency.

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Client solutions

CAT Mobile Cart

Arm mounted on mobile trolley, with max torque up to 3000Nm

OE44 Exhaust tightening

We designed a project enabling the simultaneous tightening of two vertical bolts using two separate tools.

Fixture For Screws Alignment

A Screw Alignment Fixture ensures precise screw placement for efficient assembly.

PLC controlled press

A press solution for exact pressing operations.