Bearing assembly station

Complete work station for assembling and testing bearings

What our Customer Envisioned:  
Our customer needed a way to measure the rolling resistance of the bearings while tightening their product.

How We delivered:  
We quickly designed and built a test device with two tool working together, one of them tightening while the other one is measuring. Together with our customer this prototype was tested and actually built the very first products of this series.
During this process we also got a good idea about what other obstacles we need to solve. The main issues was that the product is heavy to handle, operator needs access from all directions and that a press is needed.

Our final design is a complete workstation with a tightening station in one end and a hydraulic press in the other. In the middle there is a station where the operator can assemble the product where it can be weightlessly handled and accessed from all directions. By designing an adapter system, all the different product variants can be handled.

Productivity – By combining assembly, tightening, pressing and measuring in one station a lot of time is saved by avoiding the need to lift the product several times. The product is positioned and centered once only, then all the stations are only a slide away.

Reliability – By using top of the line components and have inhouse workshop assembly process with really engaged and professional staff we know that we can deliver equipment that will function with minimal maintenance for years.

Design – Our designs always have the operator in center, ergonomics and safety is important. We also strive to build tools and machines that are so nice that the operator is happy and even proud to use them.

Quality – A solution crafted to ensure exact and correct bearing torque every time. When the bearings are mounted correctly our customers products will also have a long and happy life.