Cabin Assembly Fixture

The Cabin fixture assembly is engineered to access and tighten screws positioned in challenging locations.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
Volvo has enlisted our assistance in creating a straightforward, ergonomic solution for tightening cabin screws. Our task is to develop a user-friendly approach that enhances efficiency while maintaining simplicity. Through collaboration and precision, we aim to deliver a tailored solution that aligns seamlessly with Volvo’s needs.

How We delivered:  
We have developed a solution involving the construction of a specialized station equipped with a custom-made jig and a rotatable tool, allowing workers to access and tighten challenging screws from both sides of the assembly. Additionally, a start handle has been integrated to facilitate the operation of the tool.

Uur collaboration with Volvo has led to the successful development of a streamlined and ergonomic solution for tightening screws within their cabin assembly process. Through meticulous design and implementation, we have established a dedicated station featuring a custom-made jig and rotatable tool, ensuring efficient access to screws positioned in challenging locations.

Productivity: The integration of the specialized station, custom jig, rotatable tool, and start handle has notably increased productivity within Volvo’s cabin assembly process by streamlining screw tightening operations and optimizing workflow efficiency.

Design – The design has been developed collaboratively with the customer, where they’ve been involved in the development of solution, all the way from concept to final solution.

Quality – Design, manufacturing, and quality control processes contribute to the overall quality and performance of cabin assembly fixture. Regular maintenance and adherence to recommended usage guidelines further support long-term reliability and safety.