CAT Mobile Cart

Arm mounted on mobile trolley, with max torque up to 3000Nm

What our Customer Envisioned:  
The customer is struggling to tighten screws located under the frame of various CAT excavator models. To make this process easier, we need to develop specialized tools, consider remote-controlled solutions, and improve accessibility through design modifications.

How We delivered:  
Our delivery perfectly matched the customer’s vision and the needs in the current assembly station, integrating hydraulic and electric functions controlled by our own developed protocols. Tool is suspended weightlessly in a pneumatically articulated arm and reaction forces are taken through the arm and down in to ground through rubber feet, also in some position’s reaction bars need to be used. The arm is mounted on a mobile trolley so it can be positioned for different tightening positions. The equipment has quick connections for electricity and pneumatics as power sources. The equipment has two different tightening tools that can be used separately by attaching/detaching on the end of the articulated arm

The tightening cart is not just a tightening tool, it’s a revolution in developed engineering. With the added hydraulics and electric roles to the whole unit, it does not only meets but exceeds your expectations in industrial fastening.

Productivity – We improved the speed and simplicity of the operator’s tightening cycle and enhanced overall operational efficiency, as well as safety.

Reliability – A brilliant solution and delivery that ensures uninterrupted access to all tightening positions of the assembly station, while also reducing the risk of tools or materials being misused or used incorrectly or even damaged, and also the last but not the least, it prevents possible injuries.

Design – The design has been developed based on customer’s requirements and CAD model of their station given to us, and in the end it fit perfectly and all positions were easy to reach, exactly what customer required, also we found inspiration in swedish flag for colors.

Quality – With all integrations in the assembly unit everything that might have doubted its quality is taken into consideration and delivered flawlessly, so basically a quality is inevitable here