OE44 Exhaust tightening

We designed a project enabling the simultaneous tightening of two vertical bolts using two separate tools.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
The customer approached us with a challenge: to tighten two screws simultaneously, spaced 80mm apart, with each requiring a torque of 50Nm, while addressing the issue of the tools being too heavy for the worker to handle. After discussion, we agreed to mount the tools onto existing rails at the site to provide a suitable solution.

How We delivered:  
We embarked on another challenge, constructing a fixture for two tools to simultaneously tighten screws with a torque of 50Nm each, placed vertically 80mm apart. Anticipating displacement during tightening, we opted for a thicker plate between them and designed the fixture with pipes. Additionally, we included a balancer and safety belt in the delivery to ensure operational safety and efficiency.

We tackled the challenge of simultaneously tightening two vertically placed screws, 80mm apart, each requiring 50Nm torque, by designing a fixture with a thicker plate and incorporating pipes for stability. To address worker fatigue, we mounted the tools onto existing rails at the site and included a balancer and safety belt in the delivery for added safety.

Customizable Ergonomics: We improved ergonomic conditions by incorporating a balancer and safety belt into the delivery, alongside mounting the tools onto existing rails to alleviate worker fatigue.

Adaptability: We facilitated the simultaneous tightening of vertically positioned screws, simplifying the process for the operator.

Sturdy Construction: We constructed a robust fixture using pipes around the tools to prevent bending, ensuring stability during operation.