Steering wheel assembly fixture

A fixture used for exact and gentle assembly

What our Customer Envisioned:  
Our customer asked for an easy to use fixture that guaranties an exact placement of trim decor pieces in a steering wheel.

How We delivered:  
In this project we focused on two key features.
First of all the steering wheel must be perfect, this is the very centerpiece of the driving experience. No scuffmarks or misalignments allowed.
The other important point with this fixture is ergonomics for the operator, as it is used in high work rate environment requiring every movement to be finely tuned.

With this fixture our customer can assemble steering wheels in a high tempo. Regardless of who is operating the equipment it delivers perfect result every time.

Customizable Ergonomics: Top notch working position for this highly repetitive task. Foldable handle for access to the assembly area during loading of parts.

Adaptability: All different models, all different trim levels all in one fixture.

Sturdy Construction: High quality components ensures long life and zero down time.