Neptune, Telescopic Anti Rotation Arm

Key features.

  • Push down function when needed.
  • Can handle multi spindle systems.
  • Suspension height of up to 14m.
  • Lightest telescope on the market.
  • Can be used with external start handles.
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The Neptune telescopic arms are specifically designed for installation on runways, enabling them to maneuver within a designated workspace. They are designed to counteract the impact of reaction torque, which can reach up to 2000 Nm, generated by electric, pneumatic tools, and similar devices, while also supporting the weight of these tools. Additionally, all the arms can be combined with different wrist options to optimize the necessary fastening operations.

Neptune is capable of handling heavy weights and high torque while maintaining ergonomic handling of the telescope with very long service interval periods.


  • Ceiling/Suspension height from 3.5m to 14m
  • Total balancing (weightless movement) of machines from 3kg to 120kg
  • Handles torque up to 2000Nm.
  • Can be used with all types of rail systems (ABUS, Movomech, Bosch, etc.)
  • Compatible with all machine manufacturers (AcraDyne, Atlas Copco, Desoutter Bosch, etc.)
  • Degrees of freedom (Possibility to swing) can be limited or allowed as needed.
  • Servo assistance (Tool pressed to nut/bolt) available.
Arm Model Max Torque (Nm) Max Standard Length (mm) Stroke (mm)
NEPTUNE150-1800/600 150 Nm 1800 mm 600 mm
NEPTUNE150-2100/900 150 Nm 2100 mm 900 mm
NEPTUNE300-1800/600 300 Nm 1800 mm 600 mm
NEPTUNE300-2100/900 300 Nm 2100 mm 900 mm
NEPTUNE600-1800/600 600 Nm 1800 mm 600 mm
NEPTUNE600-2100/900 600 Nm 2100 mm 900 mm
NEPTUNE1000-1800/600 1000 Nm 1800 mm 600 mm
NEPTUNE1000-2100/900 1000 Nm 2100 mm 900 mm