Venus, Torque Reaction Arm

Key features.

  • Can be delivered as rail mounted.
  • Can be delivered as floor mounted.
  • Can be delivered on mobile cart.
  • Can be delivered as floor rail mounted.
  • Fully flexible in length and torque.
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Venus articulated Arms are designed to satisfy customer needs while upholding the highest quality standards. These systems are engineered to facilitate the easy management of tools in various configurations, effectively counteracting the torque produced by the tool and minimizing any impact on the operator.
The articulated arms offer a range of tool holder options. By combining different tool holders and their accessories, a tailored solution can be devised to suit versatile applications.
To meet the diverse needs of various applications, the Venus Articulated Arms can be customized to provide an ideal solution for reach, payload capacity, and handling forces, expanding their versatility.


  • The pillar provides a 330° rotation, offering a spacious working area, while the flexible arm positioning can be set up within a 360° range.
  • There is significant vertical travel available.
  • The inner parallel arm and vertical rod leveling are adjustable.
  • Both left and right arm configurations are possible as standard (no need for adjustment)
  • Shoulder and elbow have adjustable rotational stops to limit lateral movement.
  • It comes with integrated cable management.
  • Low-friction cylinders are incorporated to reduce handling forces.
  • Various standard tool holders and accessories are included in the range.
Arm Model Max Torque (Nm) Max Payload (Kg) Vertical Travel (mm) Standard Vertical Rod (mm) Standard Reach Length (m)
VENUS150 150 Nm 15 Kg 470 mm 250 mm 1.1m
VENUS300 300 Nm 35 Kg 750 mm 800 mm 2m
VENUS600 600 Nm 70 Kg 1500 mm 1000 mm 2.5m
VENUS1000 1000 Nm 90 Kg 1800 mm 1000 mm 3m
VENUS2000 2000 Nm 100 Kg 1800 mm 1000 mm 4m