Gear House Lifting

This lifting equipment is custom made for the customer to be able to lift different models. 

What our Customer Envisioned:  
A lifting device that is so simple and intuitive to operate that it actually gets used. The equipment should also be ergonomic to use for operators.

How We delivered:  
Customer had four main complications with handling these
Lack of a standardized interface for the attachment of lifting devices: This issue was addressed through the creation of bespoke universal grippers tailored to the specific requirements. The product needs to be “wiggled” when mounted. Our solution enables a balanced rotational movement by ensuring weight equilibrium when the component is suspended. Sensitivity of contact surfaces requires careful handling: To mitigate this concern, we replaced the conventional lifting hoist with a pneumatically balanced lifter for gentle and precise placement of the parts. 

Operators are tempted to lift by hand instead of using existing cumbersome equipment. 

Transform a laborious and cumbersome task into a swift and effortless operation with this highly efficient lifting device.

Ergonomic – We removed “hand lifting” workflow from operators, with this equipment the operator does not feel any weight while moving the Gear House.

Reliability – Having different signal outputs we make sure to always lock the customer part in place and make it visible for the operator to see before using the equipment.

Design – The design has been developed collaboratively with the customer, where they’ve been involved in the development of solution, all the way from concept to final solution.

Quality – We only used well known brand for everything from sensors to locking chuck/gripper.