PLC controlled press

A press solution for exact pressing operations.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
This customer envisioned a work station that ensures correct fitting of shafts in plates of several different types.

How We delivered:  
This station uses a 500kN hydraulic press to mount the shaft at an exact position. Force is measured during press operation, and it is required to be between set values to give an OK.

Remove all uncertainty from your pressing operation, both position and force is continually measured and reported.

Ergonomic – By making loading hatch open the top of the machine as well, heavy work pieces can be handled by crane straight into press position.

Reliability – Get an exact result every time. The machine selects program automatically depending on mounted adapters.

Design – Built with minimal footprint and using several clever solutions for holding work pieces during operation.

Quality – When parts are pressed together with this machine our customer can be sure that they will never fall apart.