Offering the same size, speed, and duty cycle benefits of 1000 and 2000 series tools, AcraDyne’s Riv-Nut tools have a simple, quick mandrel change design and are suitable for a wide range of material thicknesses — limited only by rivet nut size.


Pull-to-torque tool/controller system ensures accurate, repeatable, and measurable tightening every time
1000 & 2000 series tools available with bottom exit, rear exit, or top exit cable configurations. Straight, Fixtured, and Push-to-Start models are available by request. Contact AIMCO at 1-503-254-6600, or toll free 1-800-852-1368
Low-friction coating on mandrel for extended life
Precise control of rivet compression with Torque and Angle detection capability
Data collection and networking capabilities to capture and utilize result data for QMS systems and line controls
Multi-function button (MFB) provides increased flexibility
On-board lights and audible signal for operator feedback
Works with rivet sizes M4 – M10 or 8-32 – 3/8-16