Mid-Exit Cable Nutrunner, Flush Socket, Free Speed 480 RPM, 3/8″ Sq. Dr.

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  • Length
    –    The tool’s length is reduced by the cable exiting in front of the grip surface.


  • Ergonomics
    –    Torque reaction is reduced relative to pistol style tools.
    –    The hand is positioned farther away from the application for more leverage. This is maximized by the cable being in front of the hand. The handle is inline putting less stress on the wrist.


  • Cable management
    –    If used with a spring balancer, the tool hangs naturally near its center of gravity, the cable is controlled by the balancer.
    –    The front position of the cable provides easy cable management. This is especially beneficial where one plane has length constraints and at 90° is free from obstruction (vertical for Doors-On).

Specialized heads and blades available on request

Torque Lower


Torque Upper


Free Speed - rpm


Max. Torque - ft-lb


Max. Torque - Nm


Output Drive - in

3/8" Sq. Dr.

Torque Range - ft-lb

6.45 – 26

Torque Range - Nm

8.75 – 35

Weight Less Socket - kg


Weight Less Socket - lb