Jolting and tightening automation

Automated tightening station designed to efficiently tighten a screw connection in the customers part and furthermore secure the connection by a subsequent jolting operation. 

What our Customer Envisioned:  
A station that ensures a thorough and secure tightening, accompanied by a guaranteed protocol to confirm the safe assembly of the product, and at the same time reduce the operator’s responsibility from manual interventions. 

How We delivered:  
Our delivery aligned seamlessly with the customer’s vision and the needs in the current assembly line, integrating hydraulic, electric and pneumatic functions automatically controlled by our own developed automation protocols. We secured operators movement with safety handles to maneuver tightening, jolting, reversing to ensure that the jolting has been successful. This system provided a step-by-step overview for operators through an HMI screen, guiding them through each stage and detailing the results achieved at every step. 

We supplied in total 3 units to Sweden, Singapore, and the USA. It was a simple plug-and-play experience for the customers, accompanied by documentation and user manuals, enabling them to take over the installation and startup process independently

Productivity – We improved the speed and quality of the operator’s assembly cycle and enhanced overall operational efficiency and high-quality results.

Reliability – Reliability increased when using a machine that not only makes sure to get prompt reports results directly on the screen but also physical tests to make sure the jolting is done right.

Design – The design has been developed collaboratively with the customer, where they’ve been involved in the development of solution, all the way from concept to final solution.

Quality – With hundreds of tests runs according to assembly protocols, we’ve ensured durability to a level where machine maintenance is minimal.