Welding Robot PCB Remanufacturing

Upgrading and Manufacturing New PCB Boards for an Industrial-Sized Welding Machine

Our client had two significant challenges. Their welding machine, which is the cornerstone of their production line, suffered from unreliable operation due to its outdated electronics and the machine’s age made sourcing replacement parts increasingly difficult, adding to the complexity of finding a sustainable solution.

The welding machine is controlled through a PC that communicates via a CAN-BUS system. This demanded that new electronic components had to be fully compatible. with the existing setup

What We Did
We tackled the challenge of modernizing the welding machine’s electronics. we began by methodically measuring the existing, outdated PCB boards, we created new schematics that would be compatible with the existing boards while also swapping out the controlling PC.

Component Sourcing: The age of the components posed a sourcing challenge, to find high-quality, industrial-grade replacements that met the machine’s requirements.

Manufacturing and Testing: With the right designs and components, we manufactured the new PCB boards. These underwent extensive testing to validate their performance and compatibility with the existing System