Ergonomic operator crane

This mobile lifting crane follows the operator around like it’s pet to please it’s master

What our Customer Envisioned:  
This customer envisioned an easy way to operate a heavy tool in a big working area and was afraid that the conventional way to solve this (some sort of extensive crane system or arm with long reach) would be cumbersome for the operator to use

How We delivered:  
Because footprint of equipment and easy to use was the main focus for customer, we developed a crane that was able to be attached directly to the operators back.

Turn a difficult and tedious task into a quick and easy process with this incredibly efficient ergonomic lifting device.

Ergonomic – This equipment removed both weight of tool from the operator and can be fitted to all kind of body types (even a Finnish one 😉 )

Reliability – Top of the line components requiring low maintenance used for suspension and rest of crane is constructed of durable material

Design – The design has been developed to perfectly fit and collaborative with the human body

Quality – We only used high quality and well known brand for components. The flexibility this equipment provide also raises the quality in the customer work process