Mobile 2 Spindle system

Advanced 2 spindle fixtured solution on a mobile cart

What our Customer Envisioned:  
Our customers are putting together a product in a tight space, and they need a way to reach all the screws easily. They wanted a solution to tighten all the joints just right, using a 2 tools. Plus, they need to move our equipment around in their factory, so they’re looking for a solution that’s easy to move.”

How We delivered:  
We used what we know about making bespoke machines and put them together. We created a special tool that combines gears, air power, and smart technology to make a complete solution. Both tools are connected to a special handle, so it doesn’t matter which way you turn it to start the equipment. We also worked with #Luebbering to design crowfoots that fit into tight spaces on the customer’s product.

Once again having made nothing similar before we used our team and creativity to find the best solution for the required application.

Productivity – Automatic pitch change and height adjustment. Easy and safe to move equipment.

Seamless Adaptability We made it easy for the customer to adjust and adapt our equipment to future upcoming products.

Design – Engineered with robust materials with ergonomic in mind we made an easy to dock and easy to move 2 spindle system.

QualityWith all integrations in the assembly unit everything that might have doubted its quality is taken into consideration and delivered flawlessly, so basically a quality is inevitable here.