Conveyor belt system

The transport system is designed with the primary purpose to transport the products, aiming to prevent back pain among workers.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
The customer approached us with a concept to establish a production line wherein a product would be placed on a slide, undergo the tightening of screws using a heavy tool at one end, and then be returned to the other end of the line. Additionally, they emphasized the need for an ergonomic solution due to the weight of the tool, prompting the installation of a crane with a balancer to alleviate the operator’s physical strain. Furthermore, they requested the development of a specialized pallet designed to easily accommodate and transport the products along the line.

How We delivered:  
We comprehended their requirements and successfully constructed a transport station for their product, complete with a customized pallet featuring sturdy support. This pallet facilitates the easy placement and transportation of their products to the designated corner where they can efficiently tighten the screws.

We developed a comprehensive solution for our client’s production line, incorporating a transport station with a custom pallet and a crane system equipped for efficient and ergonomic handling of heavy tools. This streamlined process allows products to autonomously reach the operator’s workstation, optimizing the workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Productivity: The products affixed to pallets are designed to autonomously traverse to the operator’s workstation, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Seamless Adaptability: Transport systems can be integrated into any workspace, can be added on existing working line.

Intuitive Controls: The implemented sensor enables automated line movement, facilitating the seamless transition to the next product requiring tightening