Plate Handling Solution

Mobile articulated arm used for lifting and rotating heavy plates using pneumatics and vacuum technology

What our Customer Envisioned:  
In the realm of heavy lifting solutions, customer sought an innovation to alleviate the burden on operators handling large, weighty plates. Their vision included an articulated arm designed for seamless, automated lifting using advanced technology.

How We delivered:  
Introducing the Venus Arm, a cutting-edge solution in automated heavy lifting. Understanding your need for efficiency and operator relief, we’ve meticulously crafted an articulated arm that combines precision pneumatics and vacuum technology for an effortless, automated lifting experience. The Venus Arm is engineered to bring a new level of ease and safety to your heavy lifting processes.

The Venus Arm is not just a lifting tool; it’s a revolution in automated heavy lifting. With the power of pneumatics, vacuum technology, and precision programming, we’ve built a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in industrial plate handling. Redefine your lifting processes, enhance operator safety, and embrace innovation with the Venus Arm. Elevate your heavy lifting efficiency – choose Venus.

Productivity – Plates can be handled by a single operator.

Reliability – Monitored vacuum solution makes lifting and rotating large plates safely possible. Pneumatically balanced weight compensation controlled by PLC makes it possible to handle and precision move plates of different weights and sizes.

Design – Mobile solution, it can be used on multiple sites in the workshop.

Quality – A sustainable solution with minimal maintenance requirements..