Crank Train Tightening

An articulated arm, suspended on rails and trolleys, used for tightening solutions with possibility of easy and precise c-c changes using a switch.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
In the realm of industrial tightening solutions, customer had a request for an innovative tool to redefine precision and efficiency. Their request included an articulated arm that not only excels in providing effortlessly tightening capabilities but also integrates advanced technology for a revolutionary approach to fastening tasks, including the ability to effortlessly adapt to different Center-to-Center (C-C) requirements.

How We delivered:  
Introducing the Venus Arm, a cutting-edge solution in industrial tightening. Understanding your need for dynamic adaptability, we’ve engineered an articulated arm that not only facilitates precision tightening but also smoothly accommodates c-c changes with the precision of advanced pneumatics. The Venus Arm is designed to bring a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your tightening processes.

The Venus Arm is not just a tightening tool; it’s a revolution in precision engineering. With the added capability of C-C changes, we’ve harnessed the power of pneumatics to bring you a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in industrial fastening. Redefine your tightening processes, streamline your operations, and embrace innovation with the Venus Arm. Elevate your industrial efficiency – choose Venus.

Flawless C-C Change CapabilityThe Venus Arm, powered by precision pneumatics, enables swift adjustments between different Center-to-Center requirements, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in various industrial applications.

Precision Articulation Carefully crafted for detailed tasks, the Venus Arm ensures precise positioning, allowing you to achieve optimal results in various industrial applications.

Pneumatic PowerThe integration of advanced pneumatic technology not only provides seamless movement but also ensures durability and reliability in every tightening operation.

Adaptive EfficiencyThe Venus Arm adapts to the needs of your tasks, offering a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial tightening needs.