Material Carrier

An ergonomic adaptable material carrier equipped with a rail system, designed to assist operators with necessary material along the production line. 

What our Customer Envisioned:  
A material carrier with a modular design that can be tailored to various stations with the option to carry material/tools fitted for specific assembly. To have customizable options, allowing operators to choose a stop that precisely positions and locks the material carrier in place during assembly.

How We delivered:  
To improve and give our customer diversity we provided the option of a customizable and lockable floor follower solution. This floor follower solution was adaptable to be either mechanically-, pneumatically-, or electrically powered, providing the flexibility to be tailored according to the unique power sources available along the customer’s production line. Making this our commitment to delivering a dynamic and efficient solution tailored to enhance the workflow and organization of assembly stations.

A system that was adapted and mounted on existing rail systems, allowing operators to suspend tools, operating screens, and materials at their assembly station. We made sure to implement customization of dimensions to each of the 48 material carriers to align with the specific needs of the assembly line.

Productivity – It optimizes and reduces downtime caused by material shortages or interruptions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Reliability – Ensures uninterrupted access to materials and tools at the assembly station, while also reducing the risk of tools or materials being misused or used incorrectly.

Design – A single solution for an entire production line, yet with each station receiving its own tailored material carrier adaptation.

Quality – A sustainable solution with minimal maintenance requirements..