Robust Tool fixture

This screw tightening fixture is custom made to be extra robust to withstand a brutal environment

What our Customer Envisioned:  
The customer sought a station for integration into their current production line, emphasizing operator-friendly functionality to enhance assembly efficiency at the same time as it would withstand the brutal environment in this particular plant

How We delivered:  
Because the combination of robustness and easy-to-handle was the main focus in this project, much focus was was put on choosing top of the line components for the suspension system at the same time as designing a both robust and low-space-requiring fixture.

Transform a laborious and cumbersome task into a swift and effortless operation with this highly efficient tool fixture.

Ergonomic – This equipment removed both weight of tool and reaction forces from the operator, correct positioning of tool is the only thing operator needs to care about. Spare time for operator can be used to use this fixture as pull-up bar 😉

Reliability – Top of the line components requiring low maintenance used for suspension and movements

Design – The design has been developed collaboratively with the customer, where they’ve been involved in the development of solution, all the way from concept to final solution.

Quality – We only used high quality and well known brand for components. Integrated positioning system raises the quality of the customer product as well