Screwfeeding Application

Designing and adjusting a feeder from standards to completely workable product for screw M6x40

What our Customer Envisioned:  
A Screw feeding system that meets customer’s expectations by turning a standard non-workable product into a workable one that reaches all the desired customer tightening positions.

How We delivered:  
Our delivery perfectly matched the customer’s vision and the needs in the current customer product. We did everything it took to make the SF system run smoothly by using our well-known engineering vision & knowledge. Existing parts were modified and new ones manufactured, and after combining them we could see a perfectly feasible product that could reach all positions customer asked for with no exceptions. 

The Screwfeeder for M6x40 is a perfectly developed engineering rebuilt product. Having included great engineering knowledge and vision, it does not only meets but exceeds your expectations in engineering solutions and delivery. Everything led to an outstanding feedback by the customer.

Productivity – We improved the speed and simplicity of the operator’s tightening cycle and enhanced overall operational efficiency to the fullest. Before delivery we ran a test to make sure all expectations are met, and once more we had everything fulfilled.

Reliability A brilliant solution and delivery that ensures a clearly reachable access to all tightening positions of the customer’s product, that cemented our “no limits” vision even more, this opens many more future potentially “unsolvable” projects to come to us and we make it looks easy once more.

Design – he design has been developed based on customer’s CAD model of the product given to us, which was just enough for us to make something that has never made before.

QualityAs many know, a screwfeeder is a very sensitive equipment that could easily jam or get stuck. We make sure to always test the feeder with up to 2000 screws making sure to remove any issues that could come at customer site.