Rail Mounted Articulated Torque Arm

An articulated arm, suspended on rails and trolleys, is a precision tool for controlled movements, specifically tailored for applications like using tightening torque tools.

What our Customer Envisioned:  
The customer wanted a station with suspended arms on two sets of rails. These arms should adjust maximum and minimum high tightening using a telescopic system and balancer. The tool holder should have different positions for easy use. The station’s goal is to tighten bolts on the bus body efficiently.

How We delivered:  
This project features eight pillars (four on each side), along with two sets of rails spanning both sides. The rails accommodate two suspension trolleys, each equipped with a VENUS-300 arm. These arms incorporate a telescopic system with a balancer, facilitating adjustments to achieve maximum and minimum tightening positions. The tool holder, offering three positions (45°, 90°, and 180°), enhances maneuverability during tool operation. The station’s primary function is to efficiently tighten bolted connections on a bus body.

A suspended VENUS-300 articulated arm is a handy tool used in industries. It hangs from above and moves smoothly on rails. It has joints and parts that work well together for reliability. Some arms can extend or balance weight. It can hold different tools for different jobs. It’s easy to control and has safety features. Regular care keeps it working well. It’s great for various tasks in different places.

Productivity – The arm’s ability to move in multiple directions and reach different positions contributes to its productivity. A wide range of motion allows it to handle diverse tasks with efficiency.

Reliability – The inclusion and effectiveness of safety features, such as balancer and emergency stop mechanisms, are critical for reliability. These features protect the arm from damage and prevent accidents in the workspace.

Design – The VENUS-300 arm is designed to be suspended from an overhead support structure. This may involve a combination of rails, trolleys, and other suspension components to provide a stable and guided path for the arm’s movement.

Quality – The ability of the articulated arm to carry and manipulate tools or objects of varying weights is an important quality factor. A high-quality arm is designed with an appropriate payload capacity to handle the intended tasks effectively.