CAT Mobile Cart

Arm mounted on mobile trolley, with max torque up to 3000Nm

OE44 Exhaust tightening

We designed a project enabling the simultaneous tightening of two vertical bolts using two separate

Fixture For Screws Alignment

A Screw Alignment Fixture ensures precise screw placement for efficient assembly.

PLC controlled press

A press solution for exact pressing operations.

DieCutter Automation

The die cutter is engineered to automate the cutting process, effectively replacing the operator in

Ergonomic operator crane

This mobile lifting crane follows the operator around like it's pet to please it's master

Mobile 2 Spindle system

Advanced 2 spindle fixtured solution on a mobile cart

Conveyor belt system

The transport system is designed with the primary purpose to transport the products, aiming to

Plate Handling Solution

Mobile articulated arm used for lifting and rotating heavy plates using pneumatics and vacuum technology

Crank Train Tightening

Articulated suspended arm, used for tightening with possibility of easy c-c changes using a switch.