Bearing assembly station

Complete work station for assembling and testing bearings

CAT Mobile Cart

Arm mounted on mobile trolley, with max torque up to 3000Nm

OE44 Exhaust tightening

We designed a project enabling the simultaneous tightening of two vertical bolts using two separate

Mobile 2 Spindle system

Advanced 2 spindle fixtured solution on a mobile cart

Crank Train Tightening

Articulated suspended arm, used for tightening with possibility of easy c-c changes using a switch.

Tightening Cart 2000 Nm

Compact mobile cart used to tighten bolts up to 2000 Nm from underneath.

Robust Tool fixture

This screw tightening fixture is custom made to be extra robust to withstand a brutal

Screwfeeding Application

Designing and adjusting a feeder from standards to completely workable product for screw M6x40

Rail Mounted Articulated Torque Arm

An articulated arm, suspended on rails and trolleys,

Wheel Tightening, Multi Spindle

2 spindle wheel nut runners with pitch change suspended in telescopic unit